Choose your information based on what kind of system you handle

Even strong decision makers are doomed to fail when their decisions are based on unrealistic information.

Tom Klein

Which, of course, doesn’t come as a surprise. What Klein refers to are cases when the decision maker has got it wrong. The decision maker thinks he  (actually, I think it’s very often a he) acts in a complicated system when in fact the system is complex. Bad mistake. And we can se the results every day.

Hälsovårdskostnader och kommunstorlek

Ändra Color till Unique colors och Size till Inv. antal. Lek med diagremmet och skapa dina egna teorier om vad det kan bero på att förhållandet mellan kostnader för primärhälsovård och specialsjukvård varierar som de gör.

“Next time, no brains”

The nuclear cataclysm is over. The earth is covered with gray dust. In the vast silence no life exists, save for a little colony of algae hidden deep in a leaden cleft long inured to radiation. The algae perceive their isolation; they reflect upon the strivings of all life, so recently ended, and on the strenuous task of evolution to be begun anew. Out of their reflection could emerge a firm conclusion: ‘Next time, no brains’.

– Ian McHarg 1969