About Sensemaking Approaches

George Siemens:

The future of systems such as business, government, and education will be data centric. Historically, humanity has made sense of the world through discourse, dialogue, artifacts, myth, story, and metaphor. While those sensemaking approaches won’t disappear, they will be augmented by data and analytics.

True, and I'll sure do my best to promote that development. Not in the educational sector though, I lost my 30+ year battle to transform the school I have been married to since 1980, won't wait another 30.



A little less than two years ago I bought my first iPad. It was relatively cheap, because iPad 2 had just come out and I bought an iPad 1 Wi-Fi, 16 Gb for 370 €, just to see if the tool suited me. Since then I have used it a lot at home and while travelling.

For writing, however, I find it a little awkward. So now when I got myself an iPad 4 with all the goodies including 64 Gb memory and mobile data I thought I'd start “ipadding” more seriously, but for that I needed a keyboard. I tested the old iPad with my standard iMac Bluetooth keyboard a year ago and it worked (after jailbraking), but it's cumbersome to carry the keyboard around, so I started to look for a lighter one, and the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard/cover which you can buy from the Apple Store for 100 € seemed to be a good alternative. I thought the price was a little high so I searched for a better bargain and found it at Markantalo's webshop, 75 €.

This is the first text I write with this tool and it works surprisingly well. And it's not only a keyboard, but also a beautiful and sturdy cover which makes the whole solution even more clever. Thanks, Logitech!