Almost flying

With the great help of Georg Rybakov my hexacopter (Cinestar6/Mikrokopter) is soon ready to fly. There have been quite a few problems to solve, mostly because of our limited knowledge of the microcopter technology. Probably we have spent more than 100 hours all in all on putting together and testing the copter.

If the weather is good tomorrow afternoon we will take her for a testflight.

Those magnificent men in their flying machines

Well, maybe not that magnificent, and not IN the machines. But I got myself a flying machine lately that I expect to affect my life in some ways in the future.

It’s a Cinestar 6 multicopter, a technological marvel that can be seen as a cross between remotely controlled hobby helicopters and modern military UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). I bought it from in Sweden as a so called ARF, “Almost Ready to Fly” package. In practice it was quite far away from flying, because I’m not good at soldering electronical parts, and even if most of the soldering was done beforehand It took some time to get the components together. And when that was done, the Flight control circuit bosrd did not work, so I had to send it back. Now I’m waiting to get it repaired, but if I’m lucky I might have it flying in a few weeks time.

Expect to see some fotos and videos in this space in the future, taken from 100 meters!

And in the mean time, enjoy this: