Latvia and Lithuania

My uncle and I usually make a trip to one or several countries around the Baltic Sea every summer. We are especially interested in the nature on the shores and how it differs – or not – from country to country. This year we drove down to the Curian Spit in Lithuania, the narrow cape close to Kaliningrad. We spent five days on the trip, driving 1840 kilometers. Thanks to my fuel economic car, the fuel cost was only 125 euros, even if the price of fuel was almost as high as in Finland, around 1,5 euros/litre.

It’s easy to find good accommodation in the Baltic states nowadays, everywhere you find nicely renovated houses or hotels and the service is getting better and better. It’s also easy to communicate in English.

Her’s one of our routes, we stayed for two days in a cosy hotel Juodkranté, and visited Nida.

Visa Baltikum 2012 på en större karta

On the sea side of the Curonian sit, the beach looked like this:

In Latvia we visited the Gauja National Park, and stayed at Karlamuiza hotel, an old renovated manor house, also easy to recommend.

Here’s our route to and in the forest:


Visa Baltikum 2012 på en större karta