Intensive networking

The first week of Foundations workshop has been just as hectic as I thought. We were presented with an interesting challenge to find links between participants and to be able to do this we had to aquaint ourselves actively with each other. A useful excercise for me who normally is not very active in researching people’s backgrounds and asking questions about them.

As I also expected there are a lot of interesting people in the group that I would like to learn to know better. I guess I will get a lot of opportunities for this during the coming weeks.

Tomorrow we have a phone conference hosted by Etienne, he posted his slides beforehand so we could have a look at them. A very good practice, I often find it much easier to grasp a message if I have been able to orientate myself beforehand and to come with constructive critique or well formulated questions or comments. Far too often I participate in meetings and workshops where a short agenda is the only map of what is going to happen. Of course that’s a way for those who are arranging the meeting to see to that there is no time for participants to think things over (and possibly present some well thought out, critical views).