More negativity for the New Year!

Tipped by a friend on Facebook I bought an ebook by Oliver Burkeman with the wonderful title “The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking”. What about this:

The point here is not that negative capability is always superior to the positive kind. Optimism is wonderful; goals can sometimes be useful; even positive thinking and positive visualisations have their benefits. The problem is that we have developed a habit of chronically overvaluing positivity and the skills of “doing”, in how we think about happiness, and that we chronically undervalue negativity, and the “not-doing” skills such as resting in uncertainty or getting friendly towards failure.

A good reminder for the coming year.

The best global forest map ever

University of Maryland has done an amazing job in analyzing and compiling more than a half million Landsat images to make a global map on forest change. And not just any kind of map, it’s zoomable to a very local level and extremely detailed. And embeddable on any website, as you can see below. You can also choose between several data product and visualization alternatives.

Play with the map here:

Gigerenzer on interdisciplinarity

I simply can’t understand why this short but insightful video hasn’t got more views on YouTube than a little over 200. Maybe it’s because Gigerenzer says that smart people should dear to take the interdisciplinary path and the mediocre ones stick to disciplinary science?