I have been upgrading my electronic equipment and as a part of that, I ordered a Lumia 920 from TeliaSonera. It arrived on the same day as it was launched in Finland, on November 22nd. I have been an iPhone user since two years, and I really have liked it, especially after the bad experience with my Nokia N97. That was an advanced phone for the time – that's why I bought it – but the interface was quite terrible, especially the touch screen.

Now, because Nokia is still a Finnish company and they have about one more chance to survive in the market and Lumia 920 is that chance, I thought I could be a little nationalistic and buy one. Now I have some experience with it.

It's big, maybe a little too big, but how could a small phone accomodate a very nice 4,5 inch screen? The Windows 8 Phone OS is good. I have found most of the iOS apps in need/want in a WP version. Nokia Music – who needs Spotify anymore? The camera – very good, as expected, but not as extremely good in dark conditions as advertised. Map applications are much nicer because of the large screen, and the inbuilt Nokia map and navigation apps are very convenient to have.

So, all in all, I can recommend Lumia 920 as long as you don't want a small phone.

I promise I will blog a little less about gadgets during the beginning of next year (which starts in 4 hours), and more about for example Geodesign.