A little less than two years ago I bought my first iPad. It was relatively cheap, because iPad 2 had just come out and I bought an iPad 1 Wi-Fi, 16 Gb for 370 €, just to see if the tool suited me. Since then I have used it a lot at home and while travelling.

For writing, however, I find it a little awkward. So now when I got myself an iPad 4 with all the goodies including 64 Gb memory and mobile data I thought I'd start “ipadding” more seriously, but for that I needed a keyboard. I tested the old iPad with my standard iMac Bluetooth keyboard a year ago and it worked (after jailbraking), but it's cumbersome to carry the keyboard around, so I started to look for a lighter one, and the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard/cover which you can buy from the Apple Store for 100 € seemed to be a good alternative. I thought the price was a little high so I searched for a better bargain and found it at Markantalo's webshop, 75 €.

This is the first text I write with this tool and it works surprisingly well. And it's not only a keyboard, but also a beautiful and sturdy cover which makes the whole solution even more clever. Thanks, Logitech!