I got me a 21.5″ iMac in January 2010. I bought the cheapest model, and it has served me well. I also run Windows on it, using BootChamp. Very convenient. The Windows partition is too small, I need to make it larger, but I thought I’d wait until Windows 8 comes out, then I’ll install that and also do some autumn cleaning on the Mac side. Actually I would like to wipe the hard disk clean and reinstall everything, but that is probably too complicated I guess. My experience with Macs is still not very large.

Anyway, before I make these changes I thought I’d check how much an upgrade of the memory (now 4 Gb) would cost because the machine is noticeably slower than a year ago. Apple=expensive, I thought. Not so, however. I got 16 Gb of RAM from Multitronic for 80 euros! Who would have believed that?

So I got the RAM today and exchanging the old memory for the new took 10 minutes. Also this was quite surprising, taking into account how sealed everything normally is in an Apple product. Now the iMac is happy and fast again, this was a very good investment.

For my next laptop (the old one is 4,5 years but still good due to the SSD disk I installed last winter), I’m dreaming of a 13 inch Macbook Pro Retina. These are not on the market yet, but there are strong rumors that it would come on the market this autumn. If it comes and isn’t too expensive (it has to cost less than 2000 euros for me to be interested), I’ll consider buying one next year. Or then a normal ultrabook of some kind. Or maybe Microsoft Surface?