Yesterday I got myself an e-bike which I hope will change my work travel habits. For me, the distance between home and work is only 3 kilometers, which is quite a luxury. But mostly I use my car because I need to go shopping after work, the weather is bad or I need to take some equipment with me. Which are of course no real reasons why I couldn’t take my 20 year old bicycle. But when I look for deeper reasons, I find that the experience of getting sweaty when pedalling uphills is the main reason, I sweat very easily. And especially when the weather is bad I need to have thicker clothes, which make the sweating worse. Starting the working day that way is not nice.

So I thought an e-bike might be a solution, and after testing it today it seems as if it will be. I get some exercise and fresh air, but the bike takes care of more than half the work when I’m pedalling uphills. The motor is only 250 W but even that makes the bike go fast especially uphills – I’ll post a GPS track in a few weeks.

The bike I got (sponsored by my wife ) is a Crescent 973. It does not represent the state of the art nor masculinity nor sportiness, but it was reasonably cheap (1360 €) taking into account that Crescent is a good brand (or at least has been) and that other e-bikes often cost 2000 €.