Images, finally images!

So after letting myself be immersed in the UAV world for half a year including buying a hexacopter for myself and a Quest 200 for the project I’m heading at Novia UAS, we are finally getting good aerial images. Not from the hexacopter, because the transmitter (Graupner mx-20) was faulty and was sent to Germany for repair, but from the fixed-wing plane.

Here is a screenshot from Google Earth with the original Google imagery visible (coarse, gross georeferencing error ) and ours taken from close to 150 meters height.

Our image was georeferenced in Quantum GIS and exported to KMZ in ArcGIS (because QGIS doesn’t seem to have an exporter for rasters to KMZ).


Aerial image from Västankvarn, Ingå, Finland July 2012 from around 140 meters.

The export makes the image quality lower, here is a sample from the original, mosaicked image. The black spot is an artefact from the mosaicking process.


Part of mosaicked image from Västankvarn, Ingå, Finland July 2012

You can easily see the electric power lines here.

Next week we will get an IR-camera to play with, and another plane (Quest 100) for shooting 45 degree imagery.

It is Georg Rybakov, student at the ICZM programme at Novia UAS who has done most of the work when it comes to planning and executing the flights.


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