Jag stötte av en slump (via Ecology & Society ) på ett namn som Nick Winder, aktiv vid Newcastle University. Han har en spännande och integrativ världsbild och har bl.a. skrivit en serie essäer om under rubriken

Breaking the Phoenix Cycle: an integrative approach to Innovation and Cultural Ecodynamics

Han lyfter bl.a. fram begreppet Time-Geography som han tillskriver svensken Torsten Hägerstrand, och så ger han universiteten en känga i förbifarten:

Courses in the new universities are often reduced to short modules. Regulators demand that desired ‘learning outcomes’ be formally specified and audited. The ability to integrate what has been learned in one module with that learned in another is difficult to measure, so strategic thinking skills are often neglected.
The students are modularised too – designed to be interchangeable, like the components on a production line. This produces uniformly welltrained personnel for positions in junior management but is a poor way of training heterodox thinkers or, for that matter, of teaching the embodied knowledge or praxis that is the hallmark of a skilled artisan. Most universities are forcing-houses of conventional knowledge.